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Mr. G's Story

Let's go back just a "fewwww" years.

In Italy I was a very young successful college graduate and had reached a very important position in the insurance field, cooperating with a very large and influential company: I.N.A. (Instituto Nazionale di Assicurazioni). In a little more than three years I had reached a very high position in that field and felt satisfied to have proven myself. While going to college, I was also studying music at the Conservatory of Music in Napoli. It was then that I decided it was time for me to discover new horizons and try to excel in another professional field, and leave behind the desks and offices that I grew too familiar with.

I challenged myself by creating a musical band and starting traveling around the world. My band, "I MARENGHI' (Gold Ancient Coins), was immediately successful and well-known. For 14 years we went from Switzerland and France to the Principato of Monaco, Italy, Greece, Nicosia, Iran (then Persia), and several African countries, and then finally in Arabic countries like Tripoli, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Baghdad, Kuwait City, Damascus Syria and Beirut, Lebanon. While in Africa, I very much enjoyed going on safaris and hunting big game, and also enjoyed training daily in martial arts at the Foreign Legion Academy. This experience gave me a very strong confidence in myself and in my strength. This opportunity to travel and visit these countries was a tremendous experience because, at the time, there were no foreign bands or entertainers traveling in those countries. We were given the opportunity to perform in the best theaters, clubs, hotels, TV stations, and reached a level of success that none of us had ever dreamed. We performed for foreign royal families and traveled to exotic locations; those 14 years were an indescribable journey.

 Mr. G's Band
The Band

Mr. G Hunting
Hunting in Africa


Having met during a concert in Beirut, the beautiful girl that became my wife (And also there is an unbelievable story of how we met and were finally married), I decided to leave the band.

We settled down in London and I began looking for more challenging tasks. Because of my knowledge of foreign languages (five of them), I offered my cooperation to an American air conditioning company, assisting them with the introduction of their products to foreign countries. After about two years of extensive traveling, I was able to sell about 18 million dollars worth of American products overseas. As my reward, the manufacturer offered me a fully-paid, extended vacation to the United States with my growing family. We visited Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. and New York City. It was a wonderful experience, and after the trip we liked the United States so much that we decided to move here permanently.

Mrs. G
Mrs. G

This was 30 years ago!

Because I always liked good food, my wife and I decided to open Italian restaurants. To this day, we continue to work hard and we still enjoy every moment of it!

I am telling you all this for a good reason...

My pizza is the very best in the world; it is because I have formulated a recipe that is absolutely mine and I am extremely protective of this achievement. However, even though I still enjoy working 10-12 hours every day, I realize I owe to myself and my family to have a little break.

From my life story, everybody can realize that I have excelled in anything I have done. I have always asked the most from myself and the results have been astonishing.

For the restaurants, I have had the good luck of having my wonderful wife work by my side for all of these years. We have three children and all of them went to college and reached their degrees. Our oldest son owns a very successful Italian restaurant, our daughter has a unique night club, and our youngest daughter is a Nurse Practitioner in the Emergency Room.

This is our story and now I have decided to share my recipes with families that are looking forward to owning their own business and finding success in the restaurant field as a Mom and Pop operation. I will guide and motivate those who are interested in realizing their dreams of success.

I would be able to teach everyone how to make pizza, to help for the selection of the needed equipment, and to assist them in every step. They will use our exclusive suppliers and food distributers and will be on their way to success with a Mr. G's Pizzeria of their own!


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